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But in the end it was the best decision I could have made. Instead of rejection I found acceptance because she knew me and my struggles better.

Instead of loss of respect I gained more respect from my wife because of my willingness to be vulnerable with her. But she is happy that I am not keeping secrets from her, she is happy that I view her as a confidant. Our wives are looking for intimacy (not the same as sex) from us and how better to do this than to be open and vulnerable with them.

Although it will be difficult I know she will be supportive and understanding.

However to complicate the situation, she's pregnant - I don't really want to stress her out about this stuff.

First time ever posting on reddit - so please forgive me if I'm not following etiquette, etc. Lastly when you feel that urge coming on get off the computer go outside, go for a run, read a book, sing the blues whatever it takes to get your mind of going to those kind of sites and remember a saying that helps me "You wouldn't drive a car while drunk, so why surf the web while horny."You should tell your wife.

I'm addicted to webcams, and really want to quit. The problem is something I've had off and on since I was a teenager, engaging in cybersex. I can go for a couple of months without doing it, but then something will trigger it and I'm right back in it. And be fully ready to accept any & all consequences... Telling the truth is the first if you're looking for an accountability partner, no better one than your wife. Overcoming an addiction is a difficult thing, and your wife can be your best accountability partner because she's physically there, you love her, and she cares about you.

So it's a I will echo everyone else here TELL YOUR WIFE!!! I had to overcome the fear of her rejection of me, the fear of her loss of respect for me, the fear of a loss of trust, etc.

I'm also not married and yet see both negative and positive benefits to telling your wife.

I'll start watching TV whilst she's asleep and then open the laptop, and then...

Sometimes I will be on the bus on the way home telling myself that it's not going to happen, wrestling the urge.

The fact that she knew about it also made me more resolved to kick the habit. Installing filters (I use Webtrate and anti-social and make sure to restart them every morning when I start my computer) has been important for keeping me from edging.

Nofap and my commitment to avoid all kinds of triggers has been golden.

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