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Furthermore, 2007 is a Fu Yin year for Abhishek’s Day Pillar and it involves his spouse palace.Generally, getting married in a Fu Yin year (a year when your Day Pillar ‘disappears’ in lay person speak) is not a good idea as it is usually not a good year in which to make sudden decisions or major decisions, such as getting married. Probably as long as Abhishek does not act with his wife in a film, things will probably be okay.

In Ba Zi, we tend to gravitate or be attracted towards people who have the elements we need or like.For a woman, the Direct Officer star is also the husband star. This change in luck pillar is also significant because it brings her into her favourable luck pillars. Her Day Master is also strong, so favours Wealth, Officer and Output.The Bing Yin 10 year luck pillar is strong Wealth and strong Officer, all favourable elements.She was born on Nov 1,1973 in a traditional South Indian Tulu family. She is one of the established stars who is well known around the globe. She was awarded Padma Shri,fourth highest Civilian Award by Government of India in 2009. She made her debut in the ace director Mani Ratnam's Tamil film, Iruvar in 1997 followed by a Hindi film, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya in the same year.She tasted her first film success in 1998 through her Tamil Film, Jeans directed by Shankar,an another big name in the Film Industry.

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